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UNO Red Army

If you’ve ever been to a UNO Hockey game, then you’ve heard the Red Army.  You might not know what they’re called but the Red Army drummers are at every home game.

According to their website, the Red Army was created “against the tyranny of silence,” during Thanksgiving weekend in 2002.

On their Facebook page, they describe themselves as “the bucket-banging, cowbell pounding, nonsensical cheer yelling Maverick Hockey super fans.”

Ryan Snyder, a former UNO student from 2003-2006, has been a member of the Red Army for about six years now.

[Audio clip]

Snyder said that the Red Army meets after every game at Old Chicago.  There are about 15-20 serious, active members and another 20-30 supporters.

They encourage more people to come out and be crazy with them, supporting their local college hockey team.  Go Red Army!  Go Mavs!


Katie Schubert for KIOS radio

Katie Schubert is the news director for the Omaha Public Radio on channel 91.5FM KIOS.  Last Monday, when she visited our class, was her five year anniversary there.

She started out wanting to be a baseball play-by-play announcer. However, the more she got into the news aspect of reporting, she realized she really wanted to go into the political side.  Her background is in hard news, government news and election news.

At KIOS, she handles the social media for the station.  Schubert said that it’s a good way to connect with people.

She also said she can take a whole collection of tweets and Facebook posts and make them into a news story.  They can be a complete narrative of an event or a complete photo album of an event.

Schubert said she also anchors and does stories for the station when they need her to.  She used to have to carry lots of equipment with her into the field, but now she only has to bring her iPad and her voice recorded.

There have been times though where she’s only had her iPhone with her so she simply uses that as a voice recorder.

She said that the only thing she can’t do from her iPad is edit the audio.  She has to use her laptop for that, but even those are portable.

She said technology has made it so that she can do her job from anywhere.  And Schubert believes that it’s only going to get better!

Brad Williams Photography

Brad Williams of Brad Williams Photography is a professional photographer.  He works with ad agencies and businesses to take pictures of their buildings and products to help his customers advertise.

He has worked with the City of Omaha and the Chamber of Commerce, taking pictures of downtown for the city’s advertisements promoting Omaha.

Williams says he tries all he can do to not have any people in his photos.  He said he really doesn’t like taking pictures of people.

Instead, he prefers taking pictures of scenery and inanimate objects.  Williams said he is probably most proud of his skyline photos.

He said that he’s not a “purest” like some other photographers.  By purest, he means people who believe in keeping photos “pure” and natural by not altering them in any way.

Williams said he does doctor the photos to make them look better.  For example, he said that he will edit a photo and remove a piece of trash on a lawn or something to clean up the picture.

However, Williams said that he doesn’t want to make photo or anything in the photo look fake.  He just want to make whatever he takes pictures of look good.

UNO vs N. Michigan 10/19/12

Maverick Hockey starts with tradition! This is a trophy case located in the Centurylink Center that holds many of the program’s awards and trophies.


Opening face-off between the UNO Mavericks and the Northern Michigan Wildcats



Most of the action in the first period took place in N. Michigan territory. The Mavs were bringing the pressure!


Mavs on a power play.  Unleash the fury! GOAL!!!!!


The student section, a.k.a. the O-Zone, after UNO scores its first goal! Mavs ahead of the Wildcats 1-0.


Mavs begin the second period ahead 2-0, hoping to stretch that lead.


The attendance for the game is 5,852. Go Mavs!



N. Michigan on a power play in the second period, but UNO manages to hold them off.


Minutes later the Mavs score their third goal of the game! UNO later ends the second period leading 4-1.


UNO mascot, Durango, walks around the rink waving to fans during the intermission before the third period begins.


Mavs win 5-2 over Northern Michigan! UNO outshoots the Wildcats with 41 to 13 S.O.G. (shots on goal).


The UNO hockey team in their victory circle after the win! They all raise their hockey sticks together, then lower them to the ice.


Mavs captain Matt White is named star of the game with two goals and an assist.


Number 21 in your programs, number 1 in your hearts! Matt White takes time after the game to sign autographs and take pictures with fans.

Photography 101 with Chris Machian

Chris Machian is a photographer for the Omaha World-Herald.  He specializes in taking feature pictures of people at events.

Machian said that he used to be able to get ten pictures for a story in the paper, but now he’s lucky to get 2 pictures in print.  Everything has now digital and is on online slide shows on their website.

He said he shoots 3 main sizes of shots: tight, medium and wide.  Tight shots are up-close pictures that focus only on one things usually.  Medium shots are not so close-up and usually capture a scene.  Wide shots are usually used to show a whole room or how many people are at an event.

Machian also focuses on certain types of shots, such as emotion shots, detail shots and interaction shots.  He said he likes to have layers within the shot and included the rule of thirds in most of his pictures as well.

He said when he’s at an event, he’ll pick a person and stick with them until he get the shot he wants.  He said he will not move things around or ask his subjects to move things for him.  He said that he feels that is unethical.  So he is constantly moving around to line up the perfect shot.

Machian said that if he doesn’t get a subjects name, the picture usually doesn’t run in the paper.  He went on and said that a good tip is to always, always ask the person to spell out their name.  He said that even if a person’s name is as simple as ‘Joe’, he still asks them to spell out their name.

Inside a Maverick Hockey Practice

The UNO Hockey team had one of it’s last practices on Friday before their season starts with an exhibition game on Monday, October 8 against Lethbridge.  The team practiced on the same ice they will play on for their first game at the CenturyLink Center.

Head coach Dean Blais worked the hockey team for almost 3 hours: starting with shooting the puck around, streaches, basic drills and ended with a full practice game.  With the entire arena to myself, I moved all around the rink, trying to take photos from different perspectives where the audience might be sitting.  Therefore, there are pictures taken from right up next to the glass as well as pictures taken from high up in the arena.


Practice begins with all the hockey players taking shots at shooting pucks into the net.


Next, the team does basic stretches. They speed around the corners of the ice rink, then drop to one knee to stretch their legs out.


Head hockey coach, Dean Blais, skates among players and gives them directions.  Notice the marks on the glass, showing just how rough hockey can be.


Players skate down the rink for one-on-one drills, trying to work on defensive and offensive maneuvers.


Players work on offensive plays and trying to make goals, while the goaltender tries to protect the net.


The UNO Hockey team works on preparing for the Lethbridge Pronghorns. It’s odd to see the team on the ice with all the seats in the arena empty though.


The Mavs practice two-on-one drills, trying to focus on making goals during power plays.


Senior UNO goaltender, John Faulkner, stands at the net waiting for the action to move down to his side of the arena.


The Maverick Hockey team has their water bottles lined up, waiting to be used when they get parched.


Team captain, Brent Gwindt, leads the team in stretches in the middle of practice after the drills so they don’t get cramps.


Through these doors, the magic begins!


The team takes a break as the Zamboni cleans the ice.


The UNO Hockey team plays a full practice game at the end of practice.


Some players watch their fellow teammates play.











Princess Lasertron, meet Hello Holiday

Megan Hunt, originally from Blair, NE, is a lifestyle blogger.  She has managed to turn blogging into business by building a business through blogging about it.

Hunt first got into blogging or online journalism in 1996 when her dad gave her a domain and she learned html.  She talked about one story she posted on her blog in 2001 about a crazy guy during a visit to the Statue of Liberty.  She said that she would have lost that story and many others if it weren’t for social media and the internet.

She was first able to accomplish building a business by blogging this through her Princess Lasertron blog.  Hunt makes bouquets and flowers using felt and buttons.  She sells them for between $100 and $500 depending on how detailed they are.  She said she typically spends about 30 hours on each bouquet.

Where blogging really helps her, is by giving her an outlet to talk about her business.  Hunt said she did a blog post about “the good, the bad and the ugly” of her business and that’s how she first got the word out about her business.

Hunt said blogging about her business gave her a chance to share other people’s stories; she could share her customer’s stories but still market her product at the same time.  Hunt said, “Sharing is what made me fall in love with the internet.”

Her current project is co-owner of  The website launches on October 1.  Hunt said the website is all about making it easier for break-out or emerging designers to connect with people and potential customers.