Matt and Ben Tompkins

Matt and Ben Tompkins visited our Media Storytelling class last Monday.  Matt is a production director and Ben is an imaging director for Clear Channel Radio Stations here in Omaha.

They work together and produce commercials for products, businesses and radio stations.  They work on the image of the radio station, which is how that station is perceived and presented to their target audience.

They said that the only different between radio and other forms of media is that they are doing it through audio instead of video or print.

Each station has a target audience and some even narrow it down to a very specific type of person.  Their target audience for advertising for contemporary music stations is 18-34 year old. Stations like Z 92 target mainly men, while channel 101.9 targets more of a female audience.

To create these clips, they get copy points from the company whose product they want advertised.  For a 30 second clip, there are usually around five copy points.  These copy points include the name of the company, their website, what the product is and any information about the product.

Matt and Ben said that these clips are usually really straight forward because they are pitching the product directly to a person, not to the whole audience.

They also said that a huge aspect of radio is setting the scene.  It’s all about the “theater of the mind” and showing, not telling.

For example, one commercial they produced started off by saying, “If your taste buds could talk, they would say…”  This helps the audience know how the product tastes, without actually telling them straight out.


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