Kyle Benecke

Kyle Benecke visited UNO’s Media Storytelling class last Monday.  Benecke graduated from UNO with a broadcasting degree.

He discussed his current job at WOWT Channel Six News as a tape runner.  He said his job is very hectic and there is very little room for error.  But he has really learned to work as a team to get things accomplished though.

Benecke’s jobs have also helped him understand how TV works.  He worked for Fox 42 News for three years.  While there, he learned to shoot, edit and do live shots.

He told of one story where he arrived at a house fire before the fire department because he hear about it before they did.  He said that the fire was pretty close to his house even.

He worked for himself for a year as well.  During that time, he did wedding video and shot local commercials.

He said that he doesn’t work with a reporter.  He does what he calls “video documentaries.”

He also gave some great advice about shooting video.  He said that the closer you are to the object you are filming, the better the video will be.

He went on to say that there is no such thing as a boring subject: anything can be exciting if you shoot it right.

He gave a helpful tip for people wanting to do video reporting as well.  He said to get as close as you can to the scene until someone tells you to back away.


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