Consider this…

Cathy Wyatt, host of “Consider This…” which is produced by UNO Television, visited UNO’s Media Storytelling class on Monday night.

Wyatt said that she is first and foremost a die-hard educator, so her show is the perfect forum for her.  She wants to be able to use the media as a way to educate people on different things.

She gave some advice about developing news stories using any medium.  She said you want to make sure you have all the facts first.

She also said that a good rule of thumb about including information in a story is: “when in doubt, leave it out.”  You can always put at the end of the story that you will bring them more developments when you get them and then do a follow-up story.

Wyatt said that as a journalist, she still follows the guidelines of “it is bleeds, it leads.”

She also talked about her role as a producer though too.  She discussed adding graphics to a story if video clips are not available yet.  But she also cautioned that if graphics are not going to enhance you story at all, then don’t use them.

Wyatt asked what impacts the way we perceive a story.  As an answer, she said: our experiences, culture, how the story is reported by different channels, camera angle and image used, leadership in organization, the reporters themselves (if you like a reporter, you will believe what they say no matter what), budget, technology, how well the team works together, how well they think outside the box all impact how a news story is perceived by its’ audience.

In closing, she said that media boils down to being unbiased, fair and accurate.  If we can’t do it right, then we shouldn’t do it at all.  She said as a journalist, you must also stick to your principles and what you believe in.

Wyatt also added that your questions can be about the topic and the person you’re interviewing, but your focus should always be on the audience.


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I'm a Journalism student at the University of Nebraska at Omaha.

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